In winter season the most common type of heating system used to keep houses warm is furnace. Even in Miami, you will need to maintain your home temperature especially during the winter season. Furnaces have simple structure and they work efficiently throughout the year.

With the advancement in heating technology you will get many types of furnaces which consume less power. As it is a heating system it will also require maintenance and repair to keep it working efficiently and for that you will need to contact a professional to look after the problem. Another reason why the furnace should be serviced on a regular basis is family health. Furnace cleaning can save money as well as it will help to maintain good home environment.

There are different types of furnaces depending on requirement of the clients like traditionally designed furnaces make use of fire wood, thus it can be cleaned by house owner while the modern designed furnaces requires a professional to clean the chimney as it requires a lot of equipment . In furnace not only the ducts are cleaned but also the entire furnace systems are cleaned internally.


When the temperature drops out furnaces will help you to keep your house warm regardless of the temperature outside your home. Thus it is necessary for everyone to regularly check their furnaces and heating system to control the consequences.

There are few signs that will indicate that there is need of cleaning or repairing your furnace or heating system:

  • Reduction in air flow
  • Furnaces switching on and off frequently
  • Lot of dust accumulation
  • No air flow through system
  • System not providing adequate heat
  • Bad odor from the system

Regardless of the measures or techniques used for cleaning the furnace, regular repairing and maintenance of the furnace can lower down overall heating cost and also cut down your family’s allergy problems.

If you are suffering from any problems regarding you heating system or HVAC then you must contact a reliable and professional HVAC contractor. Miami Dade Air has been serving the Miami area since 1992 and offers service related to air conditioning from installation, repair and maintenance. For more information about commercial heating and air conditioning repair services contact us now or call us for consultation.

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