North Miami 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair, so we can get you and your family back to cool in no time.

If you are looking for North Miami AC services, look no further than Miami Dade Air. We have served North Miami clients since 1992, and we offer a comprehensive array of air conditioning services. There’s nothing worse than sitting on the couch, realizing that you’re sweating, only to hear the compressor running and reach up with your hand and find out that the fan is just circulating room temperature around. You know that your house is only going to get hotter and hotter all day.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

As your air conditioning unit ages, it is important to maintain it regularly. This is an appliance that takes a ton of wear, because in Miami air conditioning is a must with the heat and humidity. Depending on the age and condition of your existing unit, Miami Dade Air can sign you up for an affordable maintenance plan that brings our service professionals out on a quarterly or yearly basis to make sure that everything is all right. If you have this sort of plan, our professionals can often find issues before your unit goes out completely.

Is Time For a New AC System?

If it’s time to replace your existing air conditioning unit, let Miami Dade Air handle your new installation. All of our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee, and all of the lines that we carry offer substantial warranties to cover the performance of their units for the first years of their operation at your home. The lines we install and repair include:

  • Rheem
  • FHP
  • American Standard
  • Ruud
  • AmanaGoodman
  • Trane

How Our Process Works

We begin by providing an individualized analysis of your home, based on the layout and design. After that, our representative recommends a particular system or unit. Once you agree on a particular unit, we move ahead with installation, so that you have cool air back in your home as soon as possible. No one wants to have the air out, particularly during a Miami spring or summer.

Pool Heaters

In addition to AC repair and installation, we also service and install pool heaters. While most of the year in North Miami is comfortable for swimming even without climate control in the pool, there are some times when having that extra bit of warmth makes night swimming more fun, giving you more ways to entertain your guests.

The quality of air in your home is vitally important for the safety of your family.

Especially in older homes, carbon monoxide and other toxins can represent a real threat to you and your family. While carbon monoxide detectors are easy to install, having a professional come out and perform an air quality check is a step that every prospective home buyer or renter should take. Often, the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning do not show up until it is too late to help, especially when the family is sleeping. Getting an air quality check is a must.

Miami Dade Air — A Stellar Reputation

Our service network includes all of North Miami, and our technicians are fluent in both English and Spanish. We have a 5 star rating from Yelp and Google, which is a testament to the number of former clients who are willing to go online and vouch for our service. The Better Business Bureau has Miami Dade Air rated as an A+ on the basis of the number of positive reports that the organization has received about our company.

If you are in need of North Miami AC service, it’s time to give one of our representatives at Miami Dade Air a call. There’s nothing worse than sitting in your living room (or waking up in your bedroom) in a pool of sweat because the air is out. Our repair and installation professionals will diagnose your particular situation and give you their advice as to the best steps you should take going forward. We gladly provide references for other clients who have used our services and have been satisfied. In North Miami since 1992, Miami Dade Air is a company that you can trust. Fully licensed and bonded, we stand ready to help you and your family regain the comfort that cool climate control can only provide.