Beat the scorching summer heat with a good air conditioning system to keep your home and offices cool. We at Miami Dade Air Inc. know how hot Miami days can get, and with summer in full force, there is no better time to install a quality HVAC systen and enjoy cool and clean air all the time. We have been serving the Miami area since 1992 and since then have acquired a loyal following of satisfied clients who keep coming back to us for all of their air conditioning needs.

Services We Offer:

We offer virtually any service that is related to air conditioning, from installation, repair and maintenance. Among the services we offer include:

  • maintenance plans
  • 24/7 emergency repair
  • air conditioner installations
  • pool heating/pool repair
  • pool installation services
  • indoor air quality control and maintenance
  • free, no obligation consultations

Professional Miami AC Services, Available 24/7

We pride ourselves for our professional and reliable services. We make sure that we respond on time whenever you call for any repairs, installations and when scheduled maintenance needs to get done. Our offices are open 24/7 so no matter what time you call, you can be sure that someone is there to pick up and attend to you. Air conditioning systems will not pick a time nor give you a warning before they conk out. If your entire AC system breaks down in the middle of a Miami heat wave, you could be in big trouble, especially if this happens in your office or business establishment. We know the pressure that comes with situations like these, so we make sure that if you have AC emergencies, we can send personnel to your door in a matter of minutes and get everything fixed as soon as possible.

Expertise in Servicing Popular Air Conditioning Brands

Our technicians also know to do any kind of installation or repair with major air conditioning brands so there is no need to worry about not getting specialized service according to the brand of air conditioner you may have at home or at the office. You can expect fast, efficient and reliable work, the same quality that this company has been providing satisfied customers like you since the day we started. We have years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining popular AC brands like Rheem, Trane, American Standard, Goodman, FHP, Ruud, and Amana.
Free Consultation for Old and New Customers
If you are planning on getting an HVAC system but are not yet sure if your budget is enough, contact us for a free consult.We offer free consultations with absolutely no obligation to procure our services. We aim to help homeowners and business owners get started on creating comfortable livable spaces and the first step is knowing how much you are expected to spend for specific air conditioning needs.

Get the Best in Summer Air Conditioning Comfort with Miami Dade Air Inc.

Miami Dade Air Inc. is also a great source for HVAC brand advice if you are shopping for HVAC units for the first time and have no idea what to look for. With decades in the business, we know the Miami community and its climate like the backs of our hands, so we know what quality of air conditioning you need in your home or office. We enjoy a 5 star rating on Google and A+ ratings with the BBB, so you are assured that you are working with a legitimate company that is known to provide exemplary work. We also speak Spanish, allowing us to cater to a wider segment of the population and making our AC operations one of the widest in the Miami Dade area.

Air conditioning units for the home, office, or business establishment are substantial investments that will affect your power spending. We offer expert advice on what units are most energy efficient and how you can further lower power costs even if you have air conditioning units installed.

Provide your family with comfortable living spaces even in the hottest summer weather. Work with Miami Dade Air Inc. and get the best quality of air conditioning service in the coast.With a wide array of services, you can count on us for all stages of AC operation, from installation to repair. And with our extensive expertise in dealing with the most popular AC brands of today, you can expect nothing but reliable, professional and exemplary work from Miami Dade Air Inc.