Service contracts can save you a significant amount of money when it comes to maintenance and repairs. In our experience, the cost of a service contract often more than pays for itself when the customer’s expensive equipment has a problem or breaks down. Even better, considering the cost and hassle of repairs, the proactive maintenance involved in a service contract also pays for itself when no equipment breaks down — because the maintenance kept the air conditioner in great shape and prevented the cost of a repair.

When we talk with buyers, the most common reason we hear for buying a service contract for your air conditioning unit with “Miami Dade Air” is peace of mind. The service contract means that not only will we take care of anything which goes wrong, we will do it with minimal or zero effort on the part of the customer. What’s more, we will be proactive in performing maintenance to ensure nothing ever does go wrong. For the customer, this situation is ideal. Not only do they never worry about finding an air conditioning repairman when there’s a problem, they have a much lower chance of actually having a problem.

Residential and Commercial Service Plans

At Miami Dade Air we provide both residential and commercial service contracts. For business an owner, ensuring their air conditioner is always working is even more important than for homeowners. After all, a store or office without cooling can mean thousands or tens of thousands lost in revenue per day. For our commercial customers, therefore, a service contract which ensures proactive maintenance and rapid response is practically mandatory.

Of course, our residential clients also enjoy the benefits of having their air conditioners serviced by a maintenance team who understands what it takes to keep air conditioners running “no matter what.” We have years of experience maintaining and repairing air conditioners in the South Florida region, and if it can happen — we have probably fixed it.

Maintenance vs. Repair

Our customers frequently ask us what the difference is between “maintenance” and “repair.” The answer is fairly simple. Our maintenance contracts are designed to prevent a fault from occurring, or detect it when it does. Since air conditioning units have many mechanical parts and faults almost inevitably occur in time, despite everything we do to prevent them. This is when “repairing” comes in.

Repair is what happens when we’re called out, or when we’ve contacted the customer with an issue we noted in a maintenance inspection, and need to fix a fault.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Inspection Include

  • Cycle through the unit’s operation modes to ensure it is correctly working.
  • Clean all the internal and external filters in the unit.
  • Clean all the external condenser fans in the unit.
  • Check the water condensate drainage and if found clear blockages.
  • Look for refrigerant leaks.
  • Check for faults in electrical wiring or fuse boxes.

This inspection benefits our customers in many different ways:

  • It detects and corrects potential failures, often before they occur and before they are able to develop into major problems.
  • It detects hazardous or damaging situations like faulty and crumbling wiring as well as water leakages which might cause structural damage or condensation in your home, office, or villa.
  • It often extends the average lifespan of an air conditioning unit beyond the standard 6-7 years.
  • It increases the efficiency of the unit, saving our customers energy and money.
  • It maintains the unit in optimum working condition, since low condenser refrigerant and dirty filters can reduce the cooling power of an air conditioning unit up to 40%.


A service contract for your air conditioning unit with “Miami Dade Air” is an excellent way to save time and hassle while staying cool in the heat. Not only will a service contract protect you from unexpected costs, it often eliminates the need to perform costly and unexpected repairs by ensuring that your air conditioner is always in the best possible condition. Whether you have a residential air conditioner or whether you need to ensure your business is cool all day, every day you’re open for business, our service contracts will give you peace of mind. With years of experience helping customers like yourself all around the South Florida area, Miami Dade Air has what it takes to keep your air conditioner cooling. So call us today and put our expertise to work for you.