The revolutionary AC unit is the most significant appliance that can let any homemaker go crazy if found inactive either during the day or during the night. Isn’t it? Yes! It’s true! But what else is the most alarming signal of stress that can make you even more worried and restless in summer if found in your AC unit? Can you guess? No! Well! It’s nothing but the air conditioner when it is blowing warm air even in hotter days and in hotter nights. Doesn’t it sound like a nightmare? Undoubtedly it is no less than a nightmare that AC is blowing hot air. Having said this, how would you be fixing it up or how would you be knowing that your air conditioner is about to throw the warm air in a couple of days or so? To make you aware of this issue and also to enable you to fix the issue, AC repair Miami has summarized few issues below that usually are responsible for an AC unit to blow warmer air.

AC Unit Repair Service

Thermostat Annoyance

Yeah, it’s quite natural to get panic and worried when you find your air conditioner blowing warm air and anticipate the worst situation. One of the most obvious reasons could be with the thermostat which should be checked before you call the expert from the AC repair Miami. The most common mistake usually done by the owners is ignoring the settings of the thermostat which should always be set to cool instead of the heat mode during summer. Now that doesn’t mean that once the settings are set to cool, the AC will blow cool air, you need to check the batteries and confirm that they are not dead which can also let the system to shut down.

Choked Air filters

There is no confusion at all that air conditioner works even more in the summer to make you and your home feel better and cooler. But what actually does get affected are the air filters which work in keeping away the dust and debris away and make you feel better during the warmer season. Ignorance in keeping the air filters clean can lead them to become dirty and clogged. Now, this can be another common reason for an AC unit to blow warm air as when the filters become dirty the air can’t pass through it and can result in blowing warm air from the vents. So keeping a check on the air filters every three months is hugely recommended by AC repair Miami.

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