Pool heater has now become an important unit to live comfortably as it helps in getting the favorable temperature of water. As it is a critical unit and several problems can occur in it, so whenever you feel that your unit is not providing the favorable temperature, immediately take the help of the pool heater repair Miami and get the most appropriate solution for this problem of your unit. If your unit runs properly, but turns off before reaching the set point then probably, it is happening because of the slow flow of water through the heater or the user hasn’t set the unit properly.

If The Temperature Has Not Been Set Properly?

If your unit has the electronic control system, then this problem may be caused because of improper setting of the controls. For example, if you have set the temperature to 105 degrees in the control system and the heater has been set to the maximum of 95 degrees, then the unit will turn off automatically after reaching the 95 degrees and you will not get the required temperature. This problem can easily be solved by setting the highest temperature of the heater itself and then setting the essential temperature in the control system of the unit.

Pool Heater Repair Miami

If The Water is Moving Slowly Through The Unit?

When the flowing speed of water through the unit is reduced because of some reason, the water inside the heater becomes too hot and then the temperature sensor of the unit senses that the temperature has reached at the required level and it gives the command to turn off the heater. But in reality, the water hasn’t became hot enough as per the requirement of the user. The clogged spa jets are the main reason that affects the flowing speed of water through the unit and this problem can be solved with the help of the pool heater repair Miami.

Sometimes, this problem occurs because of the improper working of the thermal regulator or the mechanical bypass of the unit and the chances of occurrences of this problem increases even more when utilizing old heaters which are five years old.

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