Today Air Conditioning (AC) plays an integral part in our lives. The AC equipment helps in maintaining a uniform temperature in the living or working space. Our company offers specialized services in Air Conditioning.


Right at the onset, a team of well-trained personnel visit your homes, offices or other business establishment to assess the exact requirement. They will calculate the volume of the rooms, work space and based on prior training, they will suggest the right kind of Air Conditioner Miami for you. They will suggest the right place where the Air Conditioner has to be installed.


After that another team of well trained personnel arrive and without causing any inconvenience and disturbing the existing fitments they will install the Air Conditioner. They are equipped with some of the latest equipments and tools with help them to Air Conditioners installation within limited time-frame.

Post Installation:

As a policy, our commitment to our esteemed clientele does not end there. Our personnel will be visiting the premises to ascertain if the Air Conditioner is performing well. If they find something amiss, they will rectify the equipment immediately.

After Sales Services:

We recommend best brands of our Air Conditioner. We maintain a thorough intrinsic Quality Control to ensure that our products are perfect and we deliver what we claim. Our services do not end there. We have a excellent after-sales-services too. We will be performing a regular follow-up of our installations. We have the annual maintenance contracts, which covers the regular check-up of the equipment, cleaning all the Air-Ducts, replacing the minor parts which erode with continuous use etc. Some of the services are paid, while other are performed free of cost.

AC Repair:

We offer one of the best repairing services. This is offered at the earliest to prevent any inconvenience of any kind. Our Miami AC Repair services are 24 X 7X 365 days a year. We’ll reach you when you need us at the exact hour you need us. Our charges are competent in the market and appropriate with the services provided.

About Us

We are one of the oldest AIR CONDITIONER Companies in this part of the world. We are serving the populace since 1992, and offers the best professional services to both residential as well as commercial premises. We have many kinds of contracts that can be tailor made to suit you. At Miami Dade Air, Miami FL, We maintain the highest standard by appointing a team of highly trained professionals. They maintain the highest standard of professionalism in their performance. Right from the recruitment, we maintain a strict professionalism in recruiting the right person for the right job. Our personnel are paid well and so they perform well in and out of the company. This has resulted in us gaining a good repute which we strive to maintain at all costs.

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